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Epoxy-Resin Glazed Art + Freelance Designs




The Calefactory is a center for creative graphics and crafts, but the specialty is ceramic coasters and up-cycled bottle cap magnets and pins.  The favorite products are based off of beer labels, but we also customize these products to frame precious moments or to promote events.


Many web-articles and videos on how to make ceramic-coasters have been studied and practiced.  Typically, the recommendation for a finish is to use craft glues, polyurethane, or craft-store epoxy resin. Glues aren’t really waterproof.  Wood finishes and most epoxy resins give off terrible fumes and turn yellow over time.  


Unlike the typical recommendations, our products are sealed with an epoxy resin that resists yellowing, and is also non-toxic to use.  We haven’t found another resin that can compete with the quality in clarity and color enhancement.


Our coasters also have other features.  We utilize a unique method for distributing the epoxy resin--reducing the amount needed and, ultimately, costs.  Each coaster is sanded for smooth, flush edges--giving opportunity for oil painting and a pop of color.  Finally, every coaster is fully backed with cork for a complete, protective finish.


Years of experience and experimentation has led us to these quality, handmade coasters, bottle cap pins, and magnets.  And we always strive to expand and improve them. Next time you need a unique delivery to advertise an event, cherish a memory, or publicize your favorite beverage, do so with our merchandise.  Our products are lasting, and so are the impressions.



Columbia Falls, MT