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After an exhilarating game of hockey, everyone retires to the warm house (or locker room).  Beers are cracked open and shared.  Then the banter begins.  This is a haven where diverse people come together for a common love.

A calefactory is also known as a warming house, or a place where heat is produced.  In ye old medieval monasteries, the calefactory was the main room that was heated by fire and it was the place for gathering and to break from the books. 


It seemed like a perfect name for the business.​  As a company, The Calefactory aims to create products that announces the enthusiasm for hockey, the craftsmanship of a brew, or the exhilaration of adventure. All while staying consistent with the feeling of home and community: Gathering, restoration, comfort, and the peace of the present moment.


With every product we make, we desire quality and timelessness while giving you the opportunity for personal expression.

We are here to serve. Please contact us. about any questions you may have.  All are welcome.