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What You Want

The art here is mostly inspired by the love of God, the love of hockey, and a good microbrew.  Alone, each of these are special and comforting to the soul, heart and mind, but when they are shared with others, it becomes even more meaningful, creates memories, and brings joy.

In ye old medieval monasteries, the calefactory was the room that had a fire and it was the room for gathering and to break from the books.  A calefactory is also known as a warming house, or a place where heat is produced.

As a company, The Calefactory aims to create products that emulate and deepen the feeling of restoration, comfort, and peace.  With each artistic expression, you will give your home or office a personal touch and an opportunity to pause and be in the moment.  Your imagination is the limit.

Whether it’s after an exhilarating game of pond hockey or just an escape from the cold that’s all around, come to the Calefactory.  Warm the body, soothe the soul.  All are welcome.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions about our services.

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